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Types of Massage:

Cranio Sacral - The craniosacral system (a physiological system like the cardiovascular and respiratory systems) provides the physical environment in which the brain and spinal cord develop and function. The light-touch technique works with natural and unique rhythms of our different body systems to pinpoint and correct source problems.

Movement Re-education - Improvement of posture and movement

Polarity - Manipulation of energy in and around the body with intention to balance currents in the body. This modality is very calming and centering, which generates physical and mental changes.

Pregnancy Pre/Post - I have a Body Cushion that allows a woman during any point of a pregnancy to lay face down on a fully adjustable body cushion. This cushion is placed on the massage table, allowing me to work on your back and legs while you're properly supported on the table. This takes the pressure off the mother and baby!

Reflexology - The idea that the body is reflected on feet through a system of reflexes. It is specific pressure techniques which work on precise reflect points on the feet, corresponding with body parts.

Shiatsu - Pressure applied with the thumbs and palms to those areas of the body used in acupuncture.

Sports Massage - A very specific set of massage techniques organized to specifically address the needs of athletic people. To increase athletic performance, decrease recovery time, decrease likelihood of injuries, and aid in rapid recovery of rehabilitation from injuries.

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